Published 24 February 2024

Wattle has moved to a new domain! Change your bookmark to 🌻

✨ New features

  • Clubs can now choose to display a public contact email and phone number on their page

🐞 Bug fixes

  • Improvements to the mobile app
  • Prevent posting announcements on unpublished events
  • Fix the site theme flashing on page reload
  • Your site theme preference is now correctly restored when logging in
  • Rebuilt all our dropdowns to be more accessible and easier to use


Published 14 January 2024

Happy new year! We hope everyone had a relaxing break ♨️

✨ New features

  • Push notifications have returned! Visit your profile settings to enable them
  • Show the age of ticket holders on the attendees page
  • Invite users to join a club with their email address
  • Events and clubs now have custom URLs, additionally, you can manually customise the URL of a club page
  • Toasts! You'll now be notified of errors and form saves with a little popup in the corner instead of a large alert

🐞 Bug fixes

  • Fix the sidebar not updating when publishing an event
  • Fix some issues when filling out radio fields
  • When reporting something, a reason is now required

The Wattle Android app is now on the Play store! Download it and let us know how it goes on your device. We're working on getting it on the iOS store soon.


Published 14 December 2023

Fixed some bugs affecting a small group of users

✨ New features

  • You can now paste a list of values into a list field
  • Show a error page with contact info if something goes wrong

🐞 Bug fixes

  • Fix the date field when creating an event
  • Dropdowns were sometimes unclickable
  • Editing an event sometimes showed outdated info


Published 9 December 2023

Some bug fixes and improvements zooming out

🐞 Bug fixes

  • Fix saving custom questions around the site
  • Allow admins to add any user to a club once set up
  • Fix a bug where the image field wouldn't reset properly


Published 7 December 2023

A few sneaky updates in preparation for our upcoming App Store and Play Store release 👀

✨ New features

  • Remove loading from Stevent
  • Export club member lists from your club dashboard
  • Upgraded modal visuals

🐞 Bug fixes

  • Cancelled tickets no longer show as attendees on event pages
  • Email links now updated for Wattle
  • Events now have a default ticket template


Published 26 November 2023

Another release fresh off the press!!!!!

✨ New features

  • Optionally require approvals for users to join your club
  • Create events that only members of your club can attend
  • New privacy policy page

🐞 Bug fixes

  • Fix incorrect relative date showing for some events
  • Hide event action buttons for users that aren't logged in
  • Optional custom questions no longer require a response


Published 19 November 2023

Late-night spooky release for y'all, with some hot bug fixes

✨ New features

  • Easily duplicate events from the club dashboard
  • Accounts can now be deactivated
  • Events can now be members-only, which means you have to be a member to buy a ticket

🐞 Bug fixes

  • Remove extra characters on your profile page
  • Fix the loading spinner when viewing tickets on an event
  • Removed some unnecessary "optional" text when uploading images
  • External ticketing links are now visible on events without logging in
  • Improve relative dates on events
  • Fix some issues filling out questions when joining a club

Expect more regular releases coming your way ⚡


Published 11 November 2023

Performance release alert! We've setup server side rendering for Stevent so it should be much snappier to load! We've been doing some behind the scenes work to improve performance and setup for the future. Get ready for lots of future exciting changes! We have an exciting new client using Stevent so get ready...

✨ New features

  • We've done a sweep of general site-wide performance improvements 🏃‍♂️💨
  • Improved UI when purchasing event tickets
  • Streamlined interface for editing event tickets
  • You can now "Watch" an event to receive notifications.
  • Club admins can now cancel and refund tickets from our new "attendees" page
  • User's can now request to delete their account
  • User's can now manage their device sessions

As always, please let us know if you encounter any issues while using Stevent, we're committed to the long run!


Published 24 June 2023

Some small but important improvements this update, thanks for sticking around. Of note, we now have individual ticket refunds for paid events, and a new image picker that supports choosing from the Unsplash library.

✨ New features

  • New text editor! When editing your profile, club or event description, you'll no longer need to know markdown syntax. Try pressing Ctrl + B to make text bold.
  • Under the hood improvements to whitelabelling, including auto-adjusted text colours so they're always readable
  • Use keyboard controls like arrow keys in social link or multiple choice fields to jump between text boxes
  • Paid tickets can now be refunded. We've put in a refund request system so attendees can let you know why they can't attend, and get a bank refund for the payment
  • When editing ticket types for an event, you'll now be able to see how many have already been purchased
  • Creating a new event but don't have a banner? Easily choose one from Unsplash with our new image upload dialog!
  • Event announcements include a link to the user who created them
  • A new button directly on the club page to help you create an event faster for admins
  • Similarly, event admins can now create announcements directly from an event page

🐞 Bug fixes

  • You can now actually add/remove social links
  • Some links in emails went to the wrong place. They no longer do
  • Weekly digest and birthday notifications should now be working
  • Dropdowns should now avoid the edges of the screen
  • The prompt to enable push notifications should now show up if you're using mobile
  • Sorry we broke pacman on the event 404 page, it should be back up and chomping
  • The text editor now knows how to count and will stop at the character limit instead of going past it by 1
  • Sometimes returning to your profile after editing would throw a 404, we've resolved this
  • Several fields that allowed you to input the entire Bee movie script have been limited
  • Social/external link fields now never let you delete every item, there will always be at least 1 blank row for you to edit
  • Signed out users could see "report" links, although they did nothing! We've made them only show up if you're logged in

As always, please let us know if you encounter any issues while using Stevent, particularly around paid events and ticket refunds, as we're conscious about handling your money safely and securely. 💸


Published 4 April 2023

Notifications are now in Stevent! Check out the new bell icon next to your profile picture and give us feedback on the new system. 🔔

✨ New features

  • Notifications system
  • New emails sent out (sign up welcome, event cancelled, tickets purchased, weekly digest)
  • Push notifications on your mobile device
  • New password reset flow
  • You can now change your email address in your user settings
  • Birthday notifications 🎂
  • Added a dedicated close (x) button to all modals
  • Tables in dashboard pages are now more robust and have filters
  • Event hosts now have to be invited and require an approval
  • You can now edit questions you answered for tickets during the checkout process at any time leading up to the event
  • The home page now shows all events by default, but they're split up into upcoming and past

🐞 Bug fixes

  • Ticket checkout countdowns should be more accurate even if your system clock is off
  • Dates and times in email notifications should be more accurate
  • Event announcements are now sorted newest first

A big rewrite under the hood to improve the security and reliability of Stevent. This should mean less bugs and issues going forwards. As always, if you encounter any bugs please let us know!


Published 4 February 2023

Some bug fixes for your weekend, nothing special here but keep an eye out for our next release which should be very exciting!

🐞 Bug fixes

  • When purchasing tickets you should be able to see how many tickets you already have again
  • Events will now correctly show "in progress" if they're happening rn on the edit page
  • User profile pages will now show a 404 instead of loading forever if that user doesn't exist
  • Event payouts will now only be available 7 days after your event ends
  • Events with tickets weren't showing up on your profile before, that's fixed!

tl;dr we fixed some stuff


Published 24 January 2023

Hey everyone, great news! We are very excited to bring you v12 - our biggest update so far. This one contains some big ticket (hah) features for all of you to check out. We have fleshed out our system for ordering tickets to now include promo codes, refunds, reservations and (extra excitingly) card payments in AUD!

Info for Club Admins

In order to charge money for tickets, you will need to first setup your merchant account with our payments provider Stripe. We have made this process as simple as possible so simply head to the "Payments" page in your club dashboard to get started :) Let us know if you have any questions or problems with setting up your account 👍

✨ New features

  • New club card design
  • Events can now display "on now" in lists
  • Lists of events and clubs now have infinite scrolling and should be more performant
  • Switch between instances of Stevent using top right profile dropdown
  • The clubs page can now be viewed as a grid to see more clubs at once
  • Clubs can now setup a merchant account using stripe
  • Tickets are now acquired as part of an order
  • Tickets are now reserved during checkout
  • Tickets can now be purchased for AUD
  • The event publishing flow has been fully redesigned
  • New button design
  • Password fields now have a "reveal" button
  • Show version information and basic stats on admin dashboard
  • Additional details may now be collected when users signup
  • Admins can customise instance details in the admin dashboard
  • Admins can now view users signup responses in dashboards
  • Ticket types can now have associated questions such as dietary information
  • Favicons on external links have more consistent styling, now using a custom service
  • Improvements to email subjects (more on the way)
  • Improvements to charting accuracy and rendering
  • Events and their ticket types are now locked after tickets are sold to prevent abuse
  • Events now display a "sold out", "cancelled" and "draft" status on the detail page
  • Input fields have more consistent styling
  • Sidebar "back-links" have been replaced site-wide to improve usability
  • Ticket types can now be made hidden or revealed using a promo code
  • Helpful tips now show while Stevent is loading
  • Users, clubs and events can now be reported
  • Event admins can view sale statistics, income and processed orders on the new "Sales" page
  • Events can be unpublished/cancelled depending on whether tickets have been sold yet
  • Share widgets now show the url alongside a native share button when available

🐞 Bug fixes

  • Fix event 404 page persistent error
  • Fix incorrect browser history on event pages
  • Ensure club notifications show as enabled after joining a club
  • Signup fields now has the correct fields required
  • Fixed alignment of headings in club cards
  • Fix validation on all custom question input fields when pattern is not specified
  • Announcement section now correctly hidden on events if none are published
  • Fix incorrectly rendering tags on ticket checkin page
  • General security enhancements
  • Answers to club membership questions will now update immediately after joining

Thanks for your continued support everyone! Here's to many more version to come! 💜


Published 20 September 2022

A tiny bug fix release for you today, assignment season is upon us but the Stevent train keeps chugging along 🚋

🐞 Bug fixes

  • Fix "save and continue" from showing unsaved changes prompt when creating an event
  • Fix the markdown split view from overlapping the mobile nav bar
  • Patched a security flaw


Published 11 September 2022

Some exciting changes going on this release, lots of bug fixes but we also managed to squeeze an unhealthy amount of new features in as well 🧀

✨ New features

  • External links are now reorder-able
  • Alerts have been redesigned to inspire more confidence
  • New keyboard shortcuts in the markdown editor (ctrl+b, ctrl+i, and ctrl+k)
  • Secret feature: markdown split view
  • Custom questions now support descriptions, custom regex validation, and min/max
  • All focus states have been unified, one purple ring to rule them all 🟣
  • Clubs page has been redesigned with a new card layout and a wider page
  • Forms will now warn you about leaving the page if you have unsaved changes
  • Clubs can now be pinned using the overflow menu on the club page. Pinned clubs show up at the top of the clubs page.
  • The events page is now accessible without being logged in

🐞 Bug fixes

  • Fix tags matching system theme despite setting Stevent to light mode
  • Fix image field complaining if you already uploaded an image
  • Overlapping profile menu on dashboard pages is now on top
  • Markdown fields now preserve line breaks!
  • Move the join club button above the description on mobile
  • Improved the stability of "about your members" page
  • Big improvements to how authentication is handled under the hood, Stevent is now faster to load
  • The little number that shows more clubs are hosting an event finally works
  • Fixed some pages not loading if you were logged out

If you're around RMIT city campus in the next few weeks, keep an eye out for the Stevent posters we've put up!


Published 31 August 2022

Here are some quick admin-focused features for you all 🙂

✨ New features

  • AVIF files are supported in image uploads
  • Update the style of the navigation on mobile
  • Exporting of member details as CSV
  • Vibration features when scanning tickets
  • Clicking on a member in the member list shows their details
  • Select and multiselect custom question types
  • Charts for custom questions in "About your members" page
  • Toggle club notifications using bell icon on the clubs page

🐞 Bug fixes

  • Partially fix PWA caching issues
  • Limit length of external link fields and tag fields
  • Current user now shown in stack of profile pictures on event page


Published 27 August 2022

Hi all! We have some smaller features this time around. We are setting things up for bigger features to come soon 🙂 Should still be some cool stuff here for everyone though and you'll see some passive improvements site-wide. Thanks for your continued support! 💜

✨ New features

  • Club tags!
  • Reworked event registration feature. Ticketing should now be more straightforward to set up :)
  • Event pages now show other attendees that are attending/interested
  • Event markdown descriptions now support headings
  • Event dashboard now has a view for seeing interest/attendees
  • Improved quality and clarity of various error messages
  • Past events are now shown on club pages
  • Tables now visually show when they are loading
  • Setup links in emails to directly perform actions like unsubscribing

🐞 Bug fixes

  • Fix accessing printing page for tickets
  • Fix Overlapping age ranges in "about your members" charts
  • Include ticketed events on generated calendar links
  • Fix event detail page for draft events
  • Correctly show user attendance on past events
  • Add links to user rows in club admin table
  • Correctly show "changes saved" message on club signup form
  • Show signup banner on club pages when not authenticated
  • Various security updates


Published 2 August 2022

🐞 Bug fixes

  • Fix update user interest level mutation
  • Fix flash of "not logged in" warning on event detail page
  • Fix event card hover underline effect


Published 2 August 2022

🐞 Bug fixes

  • Fix event detail page when signed out


Published 1 August 2022

How you doing? We've gone ahead and pushed out some bug fixes for y'all that we may or may not have introduced in version 0.10.0 🤫 As always let us know if you encounter any other issues!

✨ New features

  • Better error handling, now Stevent won't crash if something goes horribly wrong 😳
  • Confetti! 🎉 Keep an eye out when purchasing tickets on an event
  • Nicer confirmation dialogs when performing a dangerous action

🐞 Bug fixes

  • Club members list now loads profile images
  • Privacy policy link on signup form points to the correct location
  • Required fields can no longer being set to blank spaces
  • Don't allow removing event creator club
  • Fix club and user search fields
  • Centre some unruly spinners
  • Fix a crash that occurred when marking an event as unlisted
  • Link previews were broken, and now they aren't
  • And some more fixes behind the scenes to keep things running smoothly 🥧


Published 26 July 2022

🐞 Bug fixes

  • Fix opengraph metadata provider


Published 26 July 2022

Hey all! We have an absolutely ginormous Stevent update to announce! Version 0.10 is introducing some big new features for both club admins and users! Some big headline features include our new homepage at, ticket qr-code scanning with a sweet tearing animation, new data views for club admins and a major redesign of some key pages.

Please dont hesitate to provide feedback and thank you everyone for your continued support. We have lots more to come in the coming months!

✨ New features

  • New stevent home page!
  • RMIT students can now find stevent @
  • Ticket scanning!
  • New table management features for admins
  • Event announcements
  • New profile, club and event page layouts
  • Diverse page titles
  • Pre-publishing check for events
  • Email notifications for upcoming events
  • Currently live events are highlighted in the events feed
  • 404 Pages for unknown paths
  • ICAL Calendar Integration available in user settings
  • (Experimental) Create custom form questions for club signups
  • (Experimental) Club stats including chart visualisations

🐞 Bug fixes

  • Hide mobile nav when logged out
  • Fix chronological ordering of events in some cases
  • Fix publish page event preview showing as draft
  • Fix profile events showing as draft
  • Fix creating clubs using superadmin dashboard
  • Fix club icon ellipsis not rendering on event cards
  • Fix member details being redacted for club admins
  • Correctly reset image input if field is cleared
  • Fix user preference caching issues
  • Correctly apply max ticket per user field of ticket types
  • Fix links being mangled by markdown parser



Published 2 June 2022

🐞 Bug fixes

  • Home page improvements


Published 20 May 2022

Some small bug fixes for y'all :D

🐞 Bug fixes

  • Clean markdown and improve OG meta tags
  • Swap colour of club join button
  • Use club shortname for image titles
  • Add check for if child text exists in markdown component


Published 18 May 2022

Hey all! We have some nice QoL features here for everyone including a big one - Embed Support! Sharing your event and club links will now show nice cards in Discord, Twitter, Facebook etc

✨ New features

  • Re-order and re-name nav items
  • Status Messages in Sidebar on Form Submission
  • Dashboard sidebar previews
  • Add save and continue buttons to event dashboard
  • Bring back the border!
  • Open-graph embed support for events and clubs

🐞 Bug fixes

  • Fix events page showing incorrect events despite filter


Published 6 May 2022

Some cool new management features for club admins plus some big style changes for mobile users 😎

✨ New features

  • Automatically create markdown links
  • New flow for printing tickets
  • A dashboard for organisation admins
  • Bottom navigation on mobile devices
  • Fancy and consistent table views on management dashboard

🐞 Bug fixes

  • Remove incorrect draft labels from profile page events
  • Club cards more visible in dark mode
  • Fix layout of ticket cards on tickets page
  • Fix reset and remove actions for image fields
  • Ensure links wrap on event page
  • Fix event time reset on update

Stay tuned everyone, we are still hard at work


Published 27 April 2022

We have some important fixes and quality of life features for you all! Let us know if you encounter any lingering issues!

✨ New features

  • Mark your profile as private to not appear in event attendee lists
  • New colours for dark and light themes
  • Uploaded images are compressed to webp
  • External Links show a favicon
  • Fancy new toggle switch in user preferences
  • Club dashboard event list indicates event draft status
  • New design for club cards
  • New design for event draft warning
  • Markdown remaining characters label

🐞 Bug fixes

  • Ticket templates can be deleted
  • Ticket template immediately update after created, edited or deleted
  • Dangling event and club images are removed when the associated resource is deleted
  • Event, club and users can be edited without also editing their image
  • Profile page loading spinner is centered
  • Event times are consistent between event listing and detail views

We're still working on a bunch more, so stay tuned for our future releases! Thanks everyone for your continued support :)


Published 27 April 2022

🐞 Bug fixes

  • Fix event image uploading
  • Fix spacing on the home page
  • Show display name instead of "My" on user profiles
  • Clearer errors if password reset fails
  • Move club events above the member list on club pages
  • Fix issues updating club external links


Published 21 April 2022

Stevent has been redesigned from the ground up to be more responsive and intuitive to use. You should see snappier loading times and a better interface for creating and editing events.

✨ New features

  • New design (WIP)
  • Ticketing system
  • Better search on event page
  • Event draft/publish
  • Better mobile support in dashboard views
  • Streamlined event and club creation flows
  • Tickets page
  • We're in beta!

🐞 Bug fixes

  • Users can now purchase tickets
  • Club admins can now edit events
  • Images with a # in the name now successfully upload
  • Unpublished/unlisted events will no longer display on your club page
  • Club member age is now calculated correctly

We're still working on a lot more, so stay tuned for our future releases!


Published 27 August 2021

In this release, we implemented pretty emails and a homepage.

✨ New features

  • Club images can be edited by admins
  • Club events now show on the club page
  • Emails have been improved and now look pretty
  • A public homepage has been added that showcases the features of Stevent
  • We have updated Stevent with new fonts and a nicer logo font
  • Club admins can now be managed via the club dashboard
  • You can now view all members and events of a club from the club page
  • New events can be hosted by any club
  • User settings and notification preferences can now be edited in your profile
  • Stevent now runs much faster thanks to a migration to Google Appengine

🐞 Bug fixes

  • Some firefox issues with event cards and text fields have been fixed
  • Email scheduling has been improved, emails now send at 9am every day
  • Resolved some issues with how users rendered in lists


Published 13 August 2021

In this release, we focused on refactoring the API and cleaning up code.

✨ New features

  • Start and end times for events
  • Club dashboard for club admins
  • Admins can now edit and delete events
  • Profiles and clubs now have a flexible social link system
  • Email notifications for upcoming events

🐞 Bug fixes

  • Date picker when creating events now works on Firefox
  • The nav bar is now mobile-compatible
  • The backend has been fully refactored and a number of quality and DX improvements have been made
  • Events on the profile have been sorted correctly

A note: we're sorry that this release has caused some data loss on the live platform, and we will endeavour to prevent this from happening again with regular data backups.